Our mission is to offset the financial strain of families with medically fragile children

Harlie Holton is a sweet girl with complications that stretch over 40 surgeries. Her family never lets these challenges get in the way of happiness and love. As the original inspiration for this charity, we are excited to bring you Harlie's story!

Alex is one of Harlie's Friends and is almost always smiling. She is a HAPPY girl. Through the inclusion of Alex in We Heart Harlie and Friends, we hope to help her and her family in their lifelong journey!

Ella is 9 years old and has mitochondrial disease, causing multiple challenges in her development. However, along the way Ella has developed relationships and built love with all who surround her. We can't wait to share her progress with you!

Eden has been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. But, this does not define her. She is a happy young girl who always perseveres no matter what the diagnosis. We hope you will follow her story and support our efforts to help her and her family!